CRISPR-Cas and Future of Medical Research
Muhammad Danish Ahmad and Makia Aqeel

Xylanase; Production to Characterization and Substrate Interactions
Anam Shehzadi, Akash Raza, Quratulain Haider, Muhammad Adnan, Sohaib RafaqatAli and Amir Ijaz

Protease Production and Purification from Agro Industrial Waste by Utilizing Penicillium digitatum
Saima Noreen, Ayesha Siddiqa, Ridda Fatima, Fakhra Anwar, MuhammadAdnan and Akash Raza

Frequency, Diversity and Living Strategies of Earthworms in Relatively Low and High Input Sugar Cane Fields of Faisalabad, Pakistan
Sajida Sabahat, Shahnaz Akhtar Rana, Noureen Akhtar Rana, Faisal Awan andMaham Nawaz

Screening of Chilli Germplasm forthe Sources of Resistance against Pythium and Phytophthora Sp.
Nawazish Shahzad, Muhammad Inam-ul-Haq, Muhammad Faisal sadiq,Saifullah and Syed Ali Asghar Shah


Investigation of Biochemical Changes in Saliva and Blood of Diabetic Patients
Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Sajid and Nasir Iqbal

Effects of Injected Insulin on Histological Structures of Pancreas Gland in Adult Male Indigenous Rabbit
Bassim Abdullah Jassim

Time Need of Plant Medication: A Case Study Review on Tuberculosis
Muhammad Adnan, Ali Raza, Akash Raza, Amir Ijaz, Muhammad Aftab Akhtar and Saima Noreen

Handedness and Gender Determination by Handwriting Examination
Peter Kiran and Almeida Myfanwy Alonza

Public Perception on Forensic Science and Its Importance
Pradeep Loyed Martis and Don Caeiro


Mechanism Behind and Future Prospective of CRISPR/Cas9 as Revolutionizing Genome Editing Technology
Ammara Ashraf and Nida Rehman

Heavy Metal Bioremediation in Soil:Key Species and Strategies involved in the Process
Bilal Mukhtar, Muhammad Faheem Malik, Suleman Hussain Shah, Abdullah Azzam,Slahuddin and Ihtisham Liaqat

Extraction, Purification and Characterization of Proteolytic Enzyme from Fig (Ficus carica) and Kachri(Cucumis trigonus)
Haseeb Akram Sindhu, Abu Saeed Hashmi, Faiza Masood and MuhammadSajid

Leather Industry and Environment:Pakistan Scenario
Ghulam Jillani Hashmi, Ghulam Dastageer, Muhammad Saqib Sajid, Zubair Ali,Muhammad Faheem Malik and Ihtisham Liaqat

Lysine Supplementation in Fish Feed
Bilal Mukhtar, Muhammad Faheem Malik, Suleman Hussain Shah, Abdullah Azzam,Slahuddin and Ihtisham Liaqat

Isolation and Characterization of Burkholderia cepacia from Respiratory Infections
Rima Hasan

Development of Latent Blood Stain Using Luminol from Four Different Surfaces after Subjecting to Different Agents over Periods of Time
Domala Sai Krishna and Sujayaraj Samuel


CRISPR/cas9: An Emerging Revolution in Therapeutics
Makiya Aqeel and Ali Raza

Bacteriological Characterization of Diabetic and Non- Diabetic Wound Infections in Samawah City, Iraq
Mouna Akeel Hamed Al-Oebady

Sequencing and Phylogenetic Analysis of Helicobacter pylori through 16S rRNA Gene Isolated from Gastritis Biopsies
Laith Abdul Hassan AL Obaidi and Abeer M. Jabbar

Saliva as an Alternative Diagnostic Fluid to Blood in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients.
Muhammad Sajid, Nasir Iqbal and Abdul Razzaq

Pond Water Pollution: A Barrier to Commercial Fish Production
Ihtsham Liaqat, Umair Bukhtiar and Muhammad Faheem Malik

Bacteriological and Physiochemical Analysis of Drinking Water from Different Areas of District Gujrat, Pakistan
Asmaa Bashir Ahmed, Mohsin Gulzar Barq and Sidra Javed