International Journal of Applied Biology and Forensics

Public Perception on Forensic Science and Its Importance

Pradeep Loyed Martis and Don Caeiro

Department of Forensic Science, Jain University, Bengaluru, India




A study was conducted in order to evaluate awareness about forensic science among general public. For this study 50 Individuals were interviewed and their opinions were recording against different parameters to define their knowledge about the field of forensics. According to the study conducted, majority of the public are not aware of the use of forensic science and its importance in crime investigation. The maximum number of respondents i.e. 52% said that they have come to know about forensic science through movies and serials. The most of the respondents i.e. 50% feel that forensic science is mainly used in police department. Maximum number of respondents i.e. 52% feels that public needs awareness to improve the field of forensic science. Thus we can conclude that there is a lack of awareness among public regarding this field. Because of that lack of knowledge, the field of forensic science is not given much importance and value in the field of crime investigation and the public unintentionally disturb or distort the scene of crime and further disturb vital evidences that may be present.

Keywords: Forensics, Public Perception, Crime Scene, Judicial, Evidence, Fingerprints