International Journal of Applied Biology and Forensics

Development of Latent Blood Stain Using Luminol from Four Different Surfaces after Subjecting to Different Agents over Periods of Time

Domala Sai Krishna and Sujayaraj Samuel

Department of Forensic Science, Jain University, Bangalore, India.




The study is based on analysis of the latent blood stains left over a period of time (15 days), subjected to regents like normal water, hot water, detergent, bleach, ethanol and developed using luminol solution on surfaces like cloth, paper, wooden plank, tile (porous and non-porous). The objective of the study is to understand whether the latent blood stains can be developed after cleaning agents are used to wash the bloodstains on different surfaces (porous and non-porous) and to understand if they can be developed after fifteen days, post subjecting to cleaning agents. Luminol is a chemi-luminescent chemical. The luminol solution is prepared using standard procedure and is used to develop the latent blood stains, the analysis is done based on color, intensity, visibility of the reaction of luminol with latent blood stain. The reaction is positive, concluding that the latent blood stain can be developed over a period of time using luminol after treating the subjected surfaces with reagents mentioned.

Keywords: Chemi-luminescent, Luminol, Blood Spatter, Ethanol, Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation