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Lysine Supplementation in Fish Feed

Lysine Supplementation in Fish Feed

Bilal Mukhtar, Muhammad Faheem Malik, Suleman Hussain Shah, Abdullah Azzam, Slahuddin and Ihtisham Liaqat

Department of Zoology, University of Gujrat, Hafiz Hayat Campus, Gujrat, Pakistan




Currently, lysine supplementation is attaining popularity with the growing aquaculture production. However,with the increasing cost of fish meal in the recent years, it is an ideal time to replace it with cost effective alternative feed sources in order to meet the increasing demands of fisheries sector. Because these alternatives are deficient in certain essential amino acids especially, lysine therefore their subsequent supplementation with lysine has been experimentally undertaken with the aim to evaluate their subsequent impact on fish growth and weight gain capacity. Results indicated that various fish species fed with higher lysine supplemented feed mixtures attained higher weights, increased fecundity, better immunity and demonstrated rapid growth rates as compared to fishes fed with lysine deficient diets. In addition, lysine supplemented alternatives to fish meal are far more economical and will be available in such a higher quantities to meet the demands. Moreover, it is noteworthy that lysine requirement varies with each fish species, therefore, lysine addition into fish feed will only give effective results when the supplemented amount will be in specific range required by our species of interest.

Keywords: Lysine, Essential Amino Acids, Fish Feed, Fish Meal, Aquaculture.

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