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Leather Industry and Environment: Pakistan Scenario

Leather Industry and Environment: Pakistan Scenario

Ghulam Jillani Hashmi, Ghulam Dastageer, Muhammad Saqib Sajid, Zubair Ali, Muhammad Faheem Malik and Ihtisham Liaqat

Department of Zoology, University of Gujrat, Hafiz Hayat Campus, Gujrat, Pakistan




Leather industry is the most dynamic export earning sector and ranked 2nd position of Pakistan economy. It contributes 5% GDP of the country and provides employment over than 500,000 people. Raw hides and skins are converted into finished leather through tanning process. Various chemicals are used during tanning that ultimately discharged in the environment in different forms causing air, soil and water pollution. Chromium is a major tanning agent which has adverse effect on the environment. Exposure rate of tannery workers to such hazardous pollutants is greater and they suffered in various complications. This review article shall reflect the status of leather industries of Pakistan in the world and also highlight the major environmental impacts due to this industry.

Key Words: Tanning, Leather Export, Leather Wastes, Tannery Pollution, Worker’s Health

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