IJABF offers proofreading and editing of manuscripts in English.Professional team of editors, scientists, researchers, English language experts with plenty of years of experience are working together to find ways to help researchers succeed by reviewing language and eliminating errors. This is not just to ensure that ideas are communicated clearly and accurately,but also to improve the chances of  material to be accepted by individuals, business outfits or published by a reputable journal or book publisher.

Document Types

Our specialty covers documents such as

  • Manuscripts
  • Thesis and Dissertations
  • Acknowledgement Letters
  • Books
  • Manuscripts
  • Journal Articles
  • Technical Reports
  • Abstracts
  • Posters
  • Conference Papers
  • Course Materials
  • Business Documents
  • Guide and manuals.

Subject Areas:

We provide with the best editing services in all possible ranges of academic sectors.

Authors are hereby encouraged to email their manuscript(s) as well as any relevant information in MS word format to script@ijabf.com and they will receive an acknowledgement email with a quote and turnaround time within 48hours.

A discount of 10% off for anyone submitting an article to be edited for the first time.

Note: We do not guarantee the acceptance of formatted material from targeted publisher.